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Ward Hanson

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Ward Hanson analyzes the economics and marketing of new technology.    Other areas of interest include the role of competition, policy issues involving the evolving role of interactivity, and optimal product line pricing.  As a pioneer in studying the commercialization and impact of the Internet, he has published research articles, a leading text, and created online courses on Internet marketing. He has served as an expert witness in areas of patent validity, ecommerce, Internet advertising, and industry analysis.

Dr. Hanson has taught at Stanford since 1995, first at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, then at the Department of Economics and the Public Policy program. Previous faculty positions include Purdue University, and the University of Chicago.  He has a Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford University.

As part of his interest in innovation he is a regular contributor to and editorial board member of the journal New Space, which studies the emerging private space industry. He recently completed a grant from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, applying the lessons of the commercialization of the Internet to the ongoing reform of space regulations. Using constellations of LEO satellites to provide high-speed global Internet services is one area of his current research.









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